WATCH & GO learning videos in post-production


Following a successful film shoot in October, the Scott Bradbury team and Cambridge Filmworks have been busy in the editing suite, working with the raw footage, selecting shots and combining them into sequences that will finally end up as new content for the firm's WATCH & GO® video library.

Scott Bradbury writes:

Our current subscribers ‘most watched’ content in October was within our management skills series ‘Feedback: Fixing Performance Problems’ where we guide the viewer through how to give difficult feedback, focusing on facts, respect and being prepared to take criticism.

Our new content due to be released in 2020 continues to build on this theme with our ‘Learning from mistakes no blame game’ short, alongside other titles that help deal with ‘tricky’ situations and communication skills within the workplace.

With over 70 videos to select from, we have found that month on month ‘Fixing Performance Problems’ is our most watched, closely followed by ‘What is coaching?’ which focuses on how to use different types of questions to help someone else think through a problem or task for themselves.

Our learning video library, WATCH & GO®, can be streamed direct to your learners or embedded in your own Learning Management System. To find out more please visit our profile or get in touch.


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