WAX info and Bango.net form strategic alliance


Ray Anderson

Two Cambridge-based technology companies have formed a strategic alliance and are to explore a number of joint concepts.

WAX info Limited, the knowledge management company, and Bango.net, the company behind Bango Numbers, the unique numeric 'URL', believe there is enormous potential synergy between their respective cross-platform applications.

The relationship has been cemented further by the appointment of Bango.net's CEO, Ray Anderson (pictured above), to WAX info's board of advisors.

Based at the St John's Innovation Centre, in Cambridge, WAX info Ltd. is a software business, researching, developing, installing and maintaining total turnkey solutions, which enable the distributed network caching of personal and corporate content using XML.

WAX info's WAX ActiveLibrary eBook technology takes the familiar metaphor of books on library shelves into the web (Internet) environment, enabling professional people to find, distribute and manage business critical, time-sensitive reference material over the Internet.

Bango Numbers are essentially 'URLs' made up solely from numeric digits (00767 or 01223008008, for example). They can be understood worldwide and are quick and easy to enter from any Internet device -- whether on the move or on the desk, giving users direct access to the information they need, whenever they see a Bango Number.

Commenting on the alliance and Anderson's appointment, Charles Jarvis, CEO of WAX info said: 'Ray is an entrepreneur, innovator and investor and brings 20 years European and US experience to the board. We have been exploring the potential synergy between WAX info and Bango.net, particularly the concept of 'bango numbers for eBooks'.

'Imagine the prospect of a WAX info server being able to take a Bango number and then send time-critical updates to reference documents to the end user, across any platform.'

In his current role as chief executive officer at Bango.net, Ray Anderson is responsible for building a world-class team, evangelising the business, and establishing partnerships with financial backers.

Formerly at IXI, Ray established the industry standard network GUI, and shipped the world's first commercial web browser. In 1983 the company merged with SCO and then floated on NASDAQ.

Ray continued to hold senior executive roles in SCO, including general manager, senior VP of New Ventures and senior VP worldwide of Marketing, where he played a key role in driving the turnaround of the business.

Ray was a founding investor in a variety of growing companies including Ives & Company, E*Trade UK, Aspective, 3Glabs and other internet related businesses. He holds a 1st Class Degree in Computer Science from Cambridge University.

About WAX info


WAX info's eBook technology provides information at your fingertips so you can find, distribute and manage corporate reference material over the Internet.

Essentially a software business, WAX info researches, develops, installs and maintains total turnkey solutions, which enable the distributed network caching of personal and corporate content using XML.

WAX info was established in 1999 to develop and promote WAX ActiveLibrary technology, which was originally developed in the Medical Informatics Unit in the University of Cambridge. In early 2000, WAX info Limited received venture capital funding from the Hong Kong-Shanghai Banking Corporation's (HSBC) Enterprise Fund for East Anglia and the Home Counties, which is managed by Cambridge-based VC company ETCapital Limited. The company is currently raising a further 2million via a public offer.

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