What makes Private Cloud so popular?

Private Cloud is the newest trend in cloud technologies for small to medium businesses and the education sector. It allows you to have a very simple, cost-effective model while simultaneously significantly increasing your security.

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Private Cloud is a highly controlled environment that serves the demand of designated users. As a result, you can now work from anywhere at any time. You can also build a hybrid network using equipment that you want to maintain on site. It's totally flexible. It is straightforward to use. In reality, it's a very friendly process.

Breathe Technology handle all of the specs, as well as assisting you in understanding the process, system migration, and even maintenance.

The best part is that it costs less than half as much as Azure and is therefore entirely accessible for small to medium businesses and schools.

What can I put into Private Cloud?

The answer is … almost anything IT.

  1. Most small businesses and primary schools have one building. However, having an external backup is essential. Private Cloud is perfect for this. We may either host your data in our own cloud or supply cloud storage and systems.

  2. Considering relocating your office? Or perhaps eradicating it. Well … you can outsource your server room to us. All equipment can be hosted in the Private Cloud. Modern organisations must be able to work from anywhere.

  3. Do you need to replace servers or other equipment, but don’t want the upfront spend? You can move to the Private Cloud at less than half the price of an Azure Cloud network.

  4. Do you need a disaster recovery system? Either some or all of your system must be available at all times … you can failover to us!

  5. Do you need to host specific servers or applications because they need to be ‘always accessible’ or to make your systems more secure? The Private Cloud works perfectly.

  6. You’re still stuck on an old fashioned phone system with actual copper cables. We can save you! We have a great, fully featured cloud platform that is super competitively priced.

  7. With the heightened security risk and everything that is going on in the world. We need to protect ourselves. Private Cloud is a great option, move either the whole system, parts of it or use it for backup and disaster recovery.

To summarise:

You have the option of hosting your own equipment, having us provide it, or using cloud resources, or a combination of the two. It's even feasible to run a hybrid network, with some of the equipment remaining on your premises.

It’s as flexible and as easy as that!

Breathe has a dedicated facility called Breathe Easy – Private Cloud and we can assist with specific applications or complete systems.

Click here to download our Breathe Easy – Private Cloud brochure.

We are also ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 27001 (Security) certified.

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