Winstar takes up


, the Cambridge-based high technology marketing agency, has been appointed by Winstar Communications Europe to promote 'Ionica-style' Internet Services.

Winstar is a proven telecom service provider with a broad range of services. The company's use of state-of-the-art broadband fixed wireless networks is attracting substantial investor interest in the US and European markets.

Undaunted by Ionica's recent demise, Winstar's management is confident that it is implementing the right formula to succeed over the airwaves.

The Winstar service offering is designed around broadband wireless communications and Internet services aimed at business users not consumers. 'We're using proven wireless fibre technology that's already in use in over 30 markets within the US,' said Eric Warren of Winstar.

Winstar can boast literally thousands of satisfied business customers, all taking advantage of fast access Internet services provided over the airwaves. The Winstar connection to the Net is achieved using a small (40cm diameter) dish on their rooftops and a small indoor unit that can deliver bandwidths from 64Kbps to 2Mbps (currently), with plans for 155Mbps.

The 38 GHz service has just been launched in Holland, and reactions have been favourable. David Beadles, European Marketing Director, Winstar, is looking forward to the planned rollout of services across Europe, assisted by YTKO's geographically-based strategic marketing programme. 'Winstar expects to quickly win a major share of the Internet business user market as part of our worldwide expansion drive through marketing.'

Commenting for YTKO, Mr Peter White, Chairman, stated that 'Winstar trust us to apply the lessons of the past at the same time as we write the future story of broadband wireless communications. YTKO is looking forward to delivering Winstar qualified sales leads in weeks not months.'


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