Working with the City Deal is best route to solve congestion, says Cambridge Ahead



The City Deal’s 8-point plan to address congestion through the City Deal initiative represents a significant step forward in tackling difficult issues that require more than just sticking plaster solutions, according to Cambridge Ahead.


Cambridge Ahead writes:

No-one can deny that tackling congestion is a key determinant of the future success of our city-region, nor that these issues will always be politically contentious. However, bold action is needed if we are to deliver the overall aims of sustainable housing and economic growth. This must include new approaches to transport that can create new locally-controlled revenue streams to support investment, and deliver the right blend of incentives and opportunities to encourage people to choose alternatives to the private car for their journeys in the most congested parts of the city-region.

Making these choices requires intricate thought and detail across all strategic options to produce solutions that are realistic, affordable, timely and measured. At Cambridge Ahead we are working constructively with the City Deal team to help support the delivery of a plan to address congestion. We believe that working in collaboration with City Deal Partners is the most effective way to engage and influence, ensuring all considerations are thought through in a positive and supportive manner, bringing in a wider set of expertise though our networks.

We are pleased that there is growing consensus between the interest groups in Cambridge. Now it is time to move the conversation forward through calm, frank discussion and measured assessment to yield the best outcomes for our area.

The City Deal has set out a clear vision and that is now evolving through the 8-point plan on traffic management, with an engagement process with business and local communities to refine the plans.

Our aim is to help support the very best scheme for Cambridge, given the constraints on resource, the difficult balance that local politicians need to achieve, and the recognition that there are limits as to what can be done in the short to medium term. We believe we should work with – not against –the City Deal to achieve this, and to use additional funding sources to improve the scheme as the programme matures.

We urge that the City Deal Board continue to adapt and engage with the key points emerging through engagement with local communities and business groups – this strategy should be taken forward as a step towards a transport system that is fit for purpose for a world-class city-region. 


Cambridge Ahead

Cambridge Ahead is a business and academic member group dedicated to the successful growth of Cambridge and its region in the long term. We aim to represent the city’s business community by offering soundly-based opinion and advice to local and national governments about the opportunities and needs of the region.

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