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Could your business benefit from a market analysis around a new product, treatment or service?  Local organisations are invited to submit project proposals soon for Cambridge Judge Business School’s Cambridge Venture Project (CVP 2019) - the proposal deadline is 5 September.

Project propsals are sought from those who own or manage a growing company with at least four employees. You will also have a product, treatment or service for which you may want to:
•    investigate market opportunities
•    evaluate consumer behaviour and competitive forces in relation to these, using qualitative and quantitative analysis techniques
•    generate insights into potential strategies, opportunities for commercialisation and possible routes to market.

Projects typically look at financial, strategic and marketing implications of new products or ventures. Previous projects have included a market analysis of a wireless product, strategic opportunities for a new diabetes treatment, and opportunities for mobile phone user interfaces.

If your project is selected, you will be allocated a team of five MBA students, all professionals with an average of seven years’ work experience, from over 40 countries. The cohort represents a wide range of sectors and job functions, and all students have excellent business and academic references. No fee is charged other than project expenses.

The school often works with companies outside the Cambridge area, provided they are able to have regular face-to-face meetings with their CVP teams in Cambridge.

Project details

•    The CVP will run during the Michaelmas Term, from October to December 2019.
•    CVPs are supervised by Cambridge faculty.
•    As a client, you will be required to attend an hour-long final presentation between 9-12 December 2019.
•    Clients also own the IP of the findings.

Submission deadlines
•    Recommended deadline - 10 August 2019.
•    Final deadline - 5 September 2019.

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