Xaar sponsors DesignIT! to help boost the future of ceramics manufacturing


Xaar, the world’s leading independent inkjet printhead manufacturer, has been confirmed as a Platinum sponsor of the DesignIT! Ceramics programme.

DesignIT! aims to help students develop their creative skills and encourage them to consider a career in the ceramics industry. Xaar’s digital inkjet technology, increasingly being adopted by ceramic tile producers, enables a step-change in creativity of tile design as well as shorter production runs and faster turn-around times.

The harsh conditions of ceramic tile factories require incredibly robust and reliable printers suitable for the hot and dusty environment. Xaar’s 1001 printhead with its unique TF Technology™ delivers unrivalled reliability in such conditions and ensures continuous production and improved output.

“Our aim is to educate as wide an audience as possible about the fantastic opportunities provided by inkjet technology,” says Mark Alexander, Director of Marketing at Xaar.

“The ceramics industry is a great example of a sector in recession that has truly re-invented itself by adopting digital inkjet technology. Tile designs have become significantly more creative, particularly as it is now possible to print on textured surfaces, decorate tile edges and produce realistic life-like patterns. We are keen to support DesignIT! Ceramics which heightens awareness amongst students of the major opportunities within this industry and helps them develop relevant skills.”

The ceramics industry is a long-established part of the UK economy. It needs to continue to evolve in line with wider commercial and technological trends if it is to maintain its status. Encouraging new talent to enter the industry will help ceramics companies adapt to the changing commercial climate. “Ceramics companies need to attract new blood if they are to build for the future,” continued Mark. “Creative skills and technical knowledge are the basis of the industry, so it’s enormously important to give students a solid grounding in these areas.”

The DesignIT! Ceramics programme is mapped to the national curriculum and complements both A-Level and GCSE courses, at a time when many students are beginning to consider their career options. Closer links between schools and industry are very important. “It’s hugely beneficial to make lessons more relevant to what students will face when they leave school,” said Heath Adams, a Design teacher at Dene Magna School in Gloucestershire.

Proskills is keen to establish DesignIT! Ceramics in 2012. Deputy CEO Tom Bowtell says “As Xaar is the leading technology provider for the ceramics sector; we are particularly pleased to have the company’s support. We believe DesignIT! Ceramics has a major part to play in helping ceramics companies prepare for the future. However, we do rely on donations to run the programme, so if you want to support the ongoing development of the industry in the same way as Xaar, then please get in touch.”

About DesignIT!
DesignIT! Ceramics is an industry-based project for schools, mapped to the national curriculum and Diplomas. It familiarises students with the glazed ceramics industry through researching and designing products, and investigating different aspects of the industry – from the sourcing of raw materials, to the production of glazed ceramics.”

About Xaar
Xaar is the world’s leading independent supplier of industrial inkjet printheads, inks and peripheral equipment to commercial printing and industrial manufacturing markets. Xaar’s innovative technology offers OEM customers and licensees commercial advantage through product differentiation, productivity, and faster time-to-market. Additional information about Xaar is available at


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