You can’t know it all! (But you can learn more than your competitors)



You'll never stop learning, as the old saying goes, and never a truer word was spoken regarding the commercial drone sector.

Ely Aviation writes:
With more and more remote pilots (RPs) being trained every month, it’s absolutely essential for the professionalization of the industry that RPs realise that obtaining their PfCO is just the beginning of a much longer journey that will require a constant investment of time, money and practice to become the best pilots that they can be.
The main obstacle that will be faced with in this journey is the total lack of post-PfCO training on offer from the industry as a whole. When you type ‘commercial drone training’ into Google you are confronted by a plethora of choices to obtain your PfCO  - but try finding a course on drone photography, sales and marketing for drone pilots or aerial surveying! It’s a little harder!
As a company who have been on this journey ourselves, and as an academy that offers commercial drone training we decided that we did not want to be a ‘me-too’ organisation that leaves our students stranded after they have trained with us, so we have teamed up with some of the best in the business including industry renowned NQE 3iC, sales and marketing experts, photographers, aerial surveying specialists and remote pilots to bring a new series of courses to the market via our PRODrone Academy including
· Basic Flight Training
· 3iC’s Remote Pilot Authorisation Course (now available in the classroom!)
· Sales & Marketing 101 for Drone Pilots.
· An introduction to drone aerial imaging for mapping, surveying and photogrammetry.
· Aerial Photography and Videography Skills
Our aim is to walk our students through every stage of the process, from the first time they fly to obtaining their PfCO and how to market, price and sell their services afterwards and deliver the best product possible to their customers. In short, we’re aiming to set the industry Gold Standard for training safe, competent and qualified drone pilots.
If you would like to know more give our office a call on 01353 771459 and choose option 1 to speak to our team

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Ely Aviation is a nationwide commercial drone operator based in Cambridgeshire and working in the fields of aerial-survey, 3D mapping, aerial inspection, aerial photography and aerial videography.

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