eg technology introduces the Orion Enuresis Monitor

Cambridge-based product design and engineering consultancy eg technology Ltd will introduce the Orion Enuresis Monitor this month at the world’s largest annual medical trade fair, Medica, in Dusseldorf, Germany. The Orion Enuresis Monitor is designed to treat prolonged bedwetting in children, a problem which affects one in 40 seven-year-olds and can cost affected families up to £300 a year in laundry costs and pull-ups. The Orion Enuresis Monitor is eg technology’s first internally developed product.

The Orion Enuresis Monitor is based on a behaviour modification method of treatment where the child is woken as soon as they start to urinate, thereby associating the feeling of a full bladder with waking. This in turn trains the child to wake independently and visit the toilet.

Orion consists of a bedside unit and a small wireless sensor which attaches to the child’s night time underwear with a simple clamp. The sensor detects urine in milliseconds and wirelessly triggers the sound and light alarm on the bedside monitor in less than a second. The sensor is completely sealed and washable, ensuring hygiene and durability. It can be recharged in just a few minutes by placing it in a dock at the back of the bedside monitor. The lack of wires removes any parental concerns about strangulation or discomfort and makes it more acceptable to the user.

The bedside monitor is cleverly designed to look and function as an alarm clock, reducing the risk of embarrassment and stigma, as well as making it a useful addition to a child’s bedroom. A seven day wet/dry history is available on the device at the click of a button and up to a year’s history can be downloaded by the child’s GP or Enuresis specialist via USB, enabling effective specialist support.

Danny Godfrey, Director of eg technology, says “Orion is the first enuresis system to offer data storage; other monitors rely on parents to keep paper records which are often forgotten or inaccurate. It is also the first to combine the bedside monitor with an alarm clock, taking the psychological impact of enuresis treatment into consideration. Research has shown that if a child is motivated to tackle their bedwetting then treatment is much faster and more permanent. We think that the Orion system not only delivers an effective and fast method of treatment but importantly it takes the user into consideration in terms of comfort, ease of use and unobtrusive design. “

eg technology will introduce the Orion Enuresis Monitor at the Medica tradefair in Dusseldorf, Germany from 20-23 November 2013.

If you are interested in learning more about the Orion Enuresis Monitor or eg technology’s design and engineering capabilities, you can visit eg technology at Medica in Hall 16 - stand G20-2, call Caitlin Boast on 01223 710799, or visit


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