Anthias Complete GC & GC-MS course hosted in Abu Dhabi in May 2014


Anthias Consulting is running their first course in the Middle East in May, as part of their 2014 overseas training programme. The 5-day Complete GC and GC-MS course will be hosted by the Emirate of Abu Dhabi National Rehabilitation Centre in UAE on the 11-15 May 2014. This will run as part of Anthias Consulting’s Course Hosting Scheme where they are looking to host their courses at various institutions.

The course provides a complete training solution enabling a thorough understanding of the Gas Chromatograph or GC-MS instrument. This 5-day course is recognised by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) for purposes of Continuing Professional Development. A trailer of the course can be viewed here.

Anthias Consulting looks forward to working collaboratively with the Abu Dhabi National Rehabilitation Centre, which continues to provide the best available treatment for substance misuse disorders within the Middle East country. This unique opportunity has resulted from Dr AbuelGasim Alhassan attending an Anthias training course within the UK and then subsequently developing a working relationship with Anthias Consulting and The Open University

Anthias Consulting's Director and Senior Consultant said, “We are delighted to work collaboratively with the Abu Dhabi National Rehabilitation Centre who have shown a keen interest in hosting this course. This is also a unique opportunity for participants within the region to attend this course in their locale.”.

This is a unique opportunity for participants in the region to be able to attend this course in the UAE. There are limited numbers of participants on the course, so you are requested to book in advance, to avoid any disappointment. To book, please For more details on the course, click here.

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