New EGG (Exploration Gravity Gradiometer) flight test facility for ARKeX

ARKeX, the provider of non-seismic geophysical imaging services, announced the opening of the Exploration Gravity Gradiometer (EGG) Flight Test Facility at Cambridge Airport, UK. One of two prototype EGGs will move to the new flight test facility to begin airborne and remote site trials.

The EGG is ARKeX’s own bespoke gravity gradiometer designed to aid oil, gas and mining companies survey subsurface geology. It utilizes the concept of superconductivity and operates at 4 degrees above absolute zero (-269°C), which allows greater sensitivity and stability. The EGG is designed to be an order of magnitude more sensitive than current instruments enabling a wider range of geologies to be surveyed in greater detail.

“Providing the engineering team easy access to aircraft and airport facilities will allow for a natural acceleration of the program”, said John Siegfried. ARKeX Chief Executive, “with a dedicated facility we will be able to step up the pace of operational development and commercialisation of the EGG.”

Richard Foster-Turner, ARKeX Instruments General Manager commented, “Cambridge Airport offers the range of facilities we require for our extensive testing program. With one EGG dedicated to trials at the flight test facility we can continue with laboratory optimisation of the second EGG.”

Jon Harper, Business Development Manager at Cambridge Airport said “Cambridge Airport is keen to attract compatible businesses which can benefit from our superb and unique facilities, and we are delighted to welcome ARKEX”

About ARKeX

ARKeX is a provider of non-seismic geophysical imaging services for the oil & gas exploration industries. It specialises in the acquisition of multi-client and proprietary Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry (FTG) data. FTG surveys measure minute variations in the earth's gravitational field to help image subsurface structures. FTG has a much higher bandwidth and delivers a higher resolution image than conventional gravity surveys. It can be used as a stand alone service or in conjunction with seismic data. ARKeX can also process and interpret conventional gravity and magnetic data as well as brokering multi-client non-seismic data. Based in Cambridge, UK, ARKeX has offices in Sherington, UK, and Houston, USA, and has global operational capabilities.

About Cambridge Airport

Cambridge Airport is part of the Marshall Group of Companies, a private family business, owned and managed by the Marshall family. The business was founded in Cambridge in 1909, and entered aviation in 1929. Marshall Group activities which take place at the airport include Marshall Aerospace (engineering and technology), Marshall Executive Aviation (Jet Charter and management) and Cambridge Aeroclub (GA Training and Maintenance).
Cambridge Airport primarily targets the east of England market with a strong focus on Cambridge and its business, academic and industrial sectors. It is also a strong provider to the equine community as it is just 10 miles from Newmarket and offers regular services for the transportation of horses.

Offering new regular airline and tour operator services to destinations across Europe including France, the Channel Islands and Italy.

The airport is ideally positioned for easy access to London with just under an hour’s drive to Canary Wharf and East of London the location of the key Olympics venues. 

With a 1965m/6447ft runway accepting aircraft up to Boeing 757 or Airbus 320 and all regional jet types, it is suitable for short to medium haul passenger airline services.  It boasts CAA Category 7 Fire & Air Traffic Control status and has full navigational aids and communications, which include radar approach coverage up to 30nm and a new GPS approach to complement its ILS system. 
Cambridge Airport is home to a variety of aviation service providers including charter operator Marshall Executive Aviation, MEA which operates a Cessna Citation Bravo and Citation XLS as well as a Bombardier Challenger 300.

Image: Dr Michael Murphy and Dr Matthew Russell manoeuvring one of the EGGs


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