An innovative solution to a sticky problem

Cambridge Consultants’ expertise helps Revolymer secure £25m investment.

More than 374 billion pieces of chewing gum are made every year – and, on average, each piece of dropped gum takes two minutes to clean up. So leading technology design, development and consulting firm Cambridge Consultants didn’t waste time chewing over a request for an independent assessment of the technology involved in ‘non-stick’ chewing gum, as well as the market opportunities and risks. And its work has now helped polymer specialist Revolymer raise £25 million in an over-subscribed IPO.

Revolymer has pioneered the development of a moisture-retaining polymer that can make discarded chewing gum easier to remove. Its portfolio of polymer-based innovations also includes nicotine gum, and high-performance household cleaning and personal care products.

When it needed to raise funds to expand the development and commercialisation of its products, Revolymer sought admission to AIM and so turned to the technology and market expertise of Cambridge Consultants for an independent analysis of its technology and product applications.

“Cambridge Consultants has added genuine credence to the business through its assessment of Revolymer’s technology portfolio,” said Rob Cridland, chief financial officer of Revolymer. “It has a credible reputation throughout a variety of industries for providing independent constructive technical expertise. This input has allowed us to clearly define our unique position in the fast-moving consumer goods space.”

Cambridge Consultants carried out extensive research into Revolymer’s technology and product portfolio, its target markets, and its business strategy and capabilities – marrying up assessment of the science with the commercial opportunities and risks. It concluded that although Revolymer’s technologies are addressing some challenging issues, the risks are consistent with the current stage of development of the company and it has the expertise to address the challenges.

“Revolymer has demonstrated its polymer portfolio in the fast-moving consumer goods market and benefits from potentially significant opportunities,” said Clare Beddoes, project manager at Cambridge Consultants. “Demonstrating the business case of innovative solutions in niche markets to potential investors can be challenging, and we are well positioned to add value to the proposition of exciting new ventures such as this.”


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