The green agenda: Deloitte Great Debate 2012

Leading figures from the worlds of business and politics will be battling it out in a war of words when they take part in Deloitte’s Great Debate: 'This House believes that too many companies are only paying lip service to the green agenda.'

The two teams, one for and one against the motion, will lock horns on the subject of businesses’ real commitment to the green agenda.

This will be the third annual debate hosted by Deloitte – the two previous debates covering government’s role in business, and the success or otherwise of our education system in serving businesses’ needs.

This annual event will be held in the debating chamber of the Cambridge Union Society, nexy week (Thursday 27 September 2012).   The Cambridge Union Society was founded in 1815, and it is the oldest and most prestigious student debating society in the world.

Over the years the chamber has played host to great figures of national and international importance, including British Prime Ministers, US Presidents, renowned authors, actors, singers and sports people.  Deloitte is very pleased to be able to host its own business debate in such historic surroundings.

Arguing for the motion will Craig Bennett, Director of Policy and Campaigns for Friends of the Earth, Adam Booth, a Cambridge PhD student in environmental engineering and a prominent student campaigner and political activist and Ramon Arratia, European Sustainability Director for InterfaceFLOR.

Tim Yeo, MP for Suffolk South and Chair of the Energy and Climate Change Committee, will speak against the motion together with Heather Hancock, Managing Director of Brand and Communication at Deloitte and Jonathan Neame, Chief Executive of Shepherd Neame Ltd. 

The debate will be chaired by Austin Mahler, current President of the Cambridge Union Society.

Andy Swarbrick, partner at Deloitte in Cambridge, said: “We are delighted to have assembled an eminent and talented group of speakers for and against the motion and look forward to what will undoubtedly be a fascinating debate.  Businesses have a key role to play – through education and by example  - in helping to protect and sustain the environment – but are they doing enough?”

For further information about the Deloitte Debate on Thursday 27 September please contact Linda Doble at Deloitte on (01223) 259326.


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