eg technology Ltd and Isis dst Ltd to unveil the Isis Ventouse at Medica 2012

Cambridge design consultancy eg technology Ltd together with ISIS dst Ltd will launch the Isis Ventouse at Medica 2012.

eg technology Ltd and ISIS dst Ltd will launch the Isis Ventouse at Medica 2012, the world's largest annual medical trade fair, 14-17 November 2012 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The Isis Ventouse was invented by two clinicians, Sam George and Alasdair Gordon, from Ealing Hospital, London, in response to the low success rate of ventouse-assisted deliveries. They felt that both the design of the ventouse and the procedure could be improved. Isis dst Ltd licensed the right to develop and exploit George and Gordon's concept and employed eg technology Ltd, a product design and engineering consultancy based in Cambridge, to develop the new ventouse.

Most existing ventouse products have cups that are either made of metal or are semi-rigid in construction. This can often result in trauma to both the baby and mother. A rigid cup deforms the baby's soft scalp and skull plates when the vacuum is applied, creating a bump known as a 'chignon'. Indeed, this deformation is a requirement of the process as it is this that largely contributes to the generation of a vacuum seal between the cup and the infant's head. However, by deforming the infant's head, it becomes very difficult to re-apply a ventouse cup in the common event that it falls off prematurely. For this reason, ventouse deliveries are often abandoned if the cup falls off for the first time.

The Isis Ventouse is designed to provide increased reliability and safety of assisted delivery through its unique 'soft' cup which conforms to a range of head sizes and incorporates an innovative method of evacuating air to increase suction during contractions. The soft cup also reduces the risk of trauma to both mother and baby and increases success rates due to reduced suction failure. In the event of the cup 'falling off', the Isis can be re-applied due to the soft material. The cup only exerts high level pressure on the baby's head during a contraction, with only minimal pressure exerted during rest periods. This lowers the risk of foetal damage.

Danny Godfrey, Director at eg technology Ltd, said "George and Gordon's realisation that the rigid vacuum cup, known to damage infant's scalps, could be replaced with a softer material was the starting point for our product development process. The final product looks quite different from their initial sketches, but it has achieved their original aim to deliver babies more reliably and safely than equivalent products currently on the market. (Based on test result using mannequins)"

The Isis Ventouse has achieved a CE-mark and ISIS dst Ltd are currently looking for market evaluation partners.

ISIS dst Ltd and eg technology Ltd would like to welcome potential clients, the media, and all other visitors to their booth F18-2 in the ABHI Pavilion in Hall 16.

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