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Anthias Consulting has published its 2014 schedule, offering an enhanced range and increased number of courses, focusing on providing practical experience.

Anthias Consulting also continues with its highly successful classroom-based courses that provide both the theory, along with vital practical tips, demonstrations from old instrument parts and practical examples to enhance the learning. These include:

After taking in feedback from participants, Anthias Consulting is offering additional hands-on courses to ensure they meet the requirements of today's analysts. These hands-on courses have a maximum of four participants and provide a mixture of classroom-based presentations with at least 50% hands-on software and hardware exercises to give the participant training in both the theory and the practice. This means that you need to book early to guarantee a place on these popular courses, which have increased in frequency in 2014. Some of the courses are:

Anthias has also updated and revamped its manufacturer and software specific courses,  now providing a comprehensive experience to participants. These include:

A full detailed overview of these courses can be found within the company's brochure. The hands-on and manufacture specific courses are held at the Applied Science and Technology Group, The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK. The laboratory has instrumentation from multiple manufacturers covering gas chromatography techniques such as comprehensive multi-dimensional gas chromatography, PTV injectors, autosamplers, thermal desorbers and pyrolysers.

Diane Turner, Senior Consultant and Director of Anthias said: “We are delighted to extend the range of our courses with the support of Dr Geraint Morgan of the Applied Science and Technology Group at The Open University. We are now extending the type and number of courses in order to impart the experience of our consultants with the use of the excellent facilities and equipment at The Open University laboratories. Our on-going collaboration has also enabled us to enhance our services beyond scheduled courses where we can provide training and our consultancy services, including sample analysis, directly for our customers.”

Dr Geraint Morgan, Director of the ASTG, said, “We are delighted to continue our strategic partnership with Anthias Consulting Ltd and that range and breadth of their courses are continuing to expand.  Not only does our close working relationship provide our research staff and students with direct access to some of the best theoretical and hands-on training money can buy, the courses also act as the shop front for the Science Faculty's  world-leading analytical infrastructure and research programmes.  Over 70 companies and 15 universities have attended such events, some of which have translated in to opportunities for new university-business interactions. We look forward to many more in the future.”

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