'eg technology delivers products, not just proof of concepts'

In November, eg technology Ltd, a Cambridge-based product design and development consultancy, undertook a client survey, hoping to learn how our clients view our service, what we do well and how we can improve. We had a great response which was overwhelmingly positive. We pride ourselves on being a friendly, open and flexible team to work with and we were pleased to see that many of our clients picked up on this.

One longstanding client remarked "We have a good rapport with the eg team. They have little of the usual consultancy over hype/ we can do anything attitude. eg technology is realistic, honest and reliable." Another client commented on the benefits of working with a mid-sized consultancy like eg, "They are small enough to care and big enough to have the breadth of skill and experience."

The survey showed that a large number of our clients come to us with repeat business and that we have enjoyed working relationships with the majority of them for over five years. We were also very pleased to see that concept generation, technical problem-solving, hardware development and industrial design were all highlighted as particular strengths of the eg team, with respondents describing the eg team as "competent", "responsive", "innovative", and "friendly".

Danny Godfrey, eg Director, said "It was really gratifying to see that the qualities we try to instill in the team and the service we provide have been successfully communicated to our clients. Our team are very experienced and every project we take on is treated with the same high level of commitment and creativity. Being a mid-sized consultancy also means that we are able to be flexible and responsive while also building personal relationships with our clients, something we believe is critical to the success of each project."



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