Upcoming GC and GC-MS courses run by Anthias Consulting


Anthias Consulting is holding several GC and GC-MS courses in the coming months.

 Some of these are:

  • The 5-day Complete GC and GC-MS course: Priced at £990 (+20 % VAT), this course will provide a complete training solution enabling you to understand your Gas Chromatograph or GC-MS instrument, develop applications, troubleshoot & maintain it.  The course is recognised by the Royal Society of Chemistry for purposes of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).
    The next course dates are:
    • 1- 5 July 2013 at Newcastle University in Newcastle.
    • 23- 27 September 2013 at The Open University in Milton Keynes.
  • The 3-day Agilent R1778A GC Operator course:  Priced at £595 (+20 % VAT), this course is designed to introduce the fundamental concepts of GC and the operation of the Agilent 6890 and 7890 Gas Chromatographs using capillary columns and GC Chemstation software. This course includes an introduction to gas chromatography; Chemstation configuration; an introduction into the software; data acquisition; data analysis; inlets; columns; detectors; calibration; sequences and reporting. The next course date is 22- 24 July 2013 at The Open University in Milton Keynes.
  • The 1-day Absolute Basics of GC and GC course: Priced at only £99 (+ 20% VAT), this course is suitable for the absolute beginners of GC & GC-MS and will cover the What, Why, Where, When and How of GC & GC-MS. The next course date is  12 August 2013 at The Open University in Milton Keynes.
  • The 1-day Hands-on Thermal Desorption course: Priced at only £450 (+ 20% VAT), this course begins with the theory of thermal desorption, types of samples that can be analysed using this technique, types of tube packing materials and how to collect samples. This knowledge is then used to create TD methods, collect and analyse samples and experiment with parameters to see the effects. The next course date is 15 August 2013 at The Open University in Milton Keynes. 

Some of the feedback from participants who have attended these courses are:

“The presenter has good overall knowledge of the system. The class was always warm and friendly. Impressively consolidating and truly complete.” Albert Fadairo who attended the Complete GC and GC-MS course (April 2013).

“Excellent course and good knowledge of the presenter. Explanation good and broad spectrum of knowledge.”  Karen Scott, a Laboratory Manager from CTDS Ltd who attended the Practical Essentials of GC and GC-MS (April 2013).

“It was very good and relevant to my work, when I could understand all parts of the instrument and how I can match my research with the right instrument.” Niloufar Bahrami Ghahnaniehei from the University of Nottingham, who attended the Complete GC and GC-MS course (April 2013).

"I enjoyed the course content. It was very detailed and taught me about different areas of Chemstation that I didn't know about." Christine Kamukwanyama, Forensic Scientist at the National Forensic Science Institute in Namibia, attended both Agilent R1778A GC Operator and R1914A GC Troubleshooting & Maintenance (September 2012). 

"The knowledge of the presenter and the ability to actually see the instrument work”, Research technician at a University who attended the 1-day Thermal Desorption course (August 2012).

Anthias Consulting is offering a 10 % discount to members of the Chromatographic Society and Royal Society of Chemistry for all its 3, 4 and 5-day Anthias courses. In order for discount to be valid, the applicants have to book for any course 4 weeks in advance. Other group offers and student discounts are available on some of the courses.


For more information on any of these courses or for all the courses run by Anthias Consulting, please click here or email courses@anthias.co.uk.


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