'Winning without losing' - a guide for entrepreneurs

Winning Without Losing: a strategic guide to help entrepreneurs achieve better business success and work-life balance has been launched in the UK.

What if there was a way to win in your business life without having to lose anything in your personal life?

Jordan Milne, an entrepreneur and graduate of the Advanced Diploma in Entrepreneurship* managed by Cambridge Judge Business School’s Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (CfEL), has co-written a best-selling book on entrepreneurship that debuted at #3 on Amazon’s Top Hot New Releases. He and co-author, Martin Bjergegaard, set out to question the perception that those wishing to build hugely successful businesses and make a fortune have to pay a heavy price in terms of extensive working hours and loss of personal, family life.

These two passionate entrepreneurs went on a global search for a certain type of role model, i.e. those individuals who have managed to start and grow businesses without compromising their own lives. The book, ‘Winning Without Losing’ is the result of talking to a range of extremely successful, yet balanced entrepreneurs and business leaders.

The role models interviewed include some of the world’s most innovative entrepreneurs and thought leaders, such as Chad Troutwine, CEO of leading global test preparation company Veritas Prep; Derek Sivers, founder of CD Baby; Markus Frind, CEO of PlentyofFish.com, Caterina Fake, co-founder of Flick’r and Hunch.com, David Cohen, co-founder of TechStars, Sophie Vandebroek, CTO of Xerox…

The book offers strategies and tactics to improve efficiency and release time and energy to enjoy all the things life offers outside work. The lessons are equally applicable to those outside of business – anyone who is looking for a little more balance in their lives.

Dr Shailendra Vyakarnam, director of the Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (CfEL) at Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, said: “Every entrepreneur should read this book as an antidote to the mythologies of being a successful entrepreneur.”

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‘Winning without Losing: strategies for succeeding in business while living a happy and balanced life’is published by Profile , price £12.99, paperback, ISBN 9781781251508, e-book 9781782830061. For more information, please contact Ruth Killick on 0207 841 6307 / ruth.killick@profilebooks.co.uk / 07880703741.

Copies are available on Amazon.co.uk now.
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* The Advanced Diploma in Entrepreneurship programme, jointly created by Cambridge Judge Business School’s Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (CfEL) in conjunction with Professional Studies at the Institute of Continuing Education, University of Cambridge, ran successfully during 2009 and 2010. The Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship programme offered by Cambridge Judge Business School started in 2011.


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