Ubisense joins the In-Location Alliance

Ubisense Group plc is pleased to announce that it has joined the In-Location Alliance to share its experiences with the alliance, and work towards common interests in location-based smart technology.

The In-Location Alliance is an industry consortium focused on accurate indoor positioning and promoting deployment of location-based indoor services and solutions. The aim of the alliance is to ensure a multivendor environment by promoting open interfaces and a standards-based approach. The alliance, which now includes more than 60 members, will create an ecosystem that stimulates innovation, enhances service delivery and accelerates the adoption of solutions and technologies that optimize the mobile experience.

Ubisense is a market-leader in location intelligence solutions for high-value manufacturing, telecommunications and utility businesses. Our products enable businesses to track assets, such as tools and vehicle in factories and other indoor environments, bringing visual clarity to complex operations and automating business processes. Recent contract wins and longer term customers include Airbus, Aston Martin, BMW, Cablevision, Daimler, Deutsche Telekom, Duke Energy, John Deere, MINI and VW.

Richard Green, CEO of Ubisense said: “We are pleased to be a member of the In-Location Alliance and are looking forward to working with the global indoor positioning community and contributing our considerable experience of high fidelity and high reliability indoor location systems.”

About the In-Location Alliance

The In-Location Alliance was formed in August 2012 by 22 member companies to drive innovation and market adoption of high accuracy indoor positioning and related services. The In-Location Alliance is open for any industry member, who is ready to further investigate business opportunities in indoor location-based services and sees value and benefits in industry collaboration. For more information, visit: www.in-location-alliance.com


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