Gain the skills to manage your personal finances via the OU

Help your staff improve their personal financial knowledge with Moneyology's first free online course, provided via its business platform provider True Potential and the Open University.

The company writes:

As part of our partnership with the Open University Business School, we are delighted to launch the first free and interactive personal finance education course to be developed by the True Potential Centre for the Public Understanding of Finance (PUFin).

Investing and finance can be simple to understand subjects but are frequently made very complicated and, until now, inaccessible. Managing My Money is designed to help clients understand and navigate day-to-day areas of personal finance and will cover several key topics such as budgeting, saving and spending, managing debt and the different types of financial products available such as pensions, mortgages and insurance. It will start Monday 12 May 2014 and is estimated to take around three hours of study each week for eight weeks.

The launch coincides with new research from the Centre that shows that 70% of UK adults in Britain aren’t able to answer GCSE-level questions on personal finance. A third of respondents scored 43% or less when asked personal finance questions, such as calculating the interest paid on a £350 loan. And with personal finance hitting the national curriculum in September, 35% of parents said that they plan to brush up on their knowledge to keep up with their children.

The Managing My Money course will be available free of charge to the public via the Open University’s online social-learning platform, FutureLearn. The course includes audio-visual clips, interactive discussions and quizzes, and other engaging resources that will be offered weekly.

For more information on the course and FutureLearn, visit


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