First for Cleantech: live link between Cambridge and New Delhi


Cambridge Cleantech undertook a ‘first’ in terms of novel events this week (Tuesday) by linking consecutive speakers in a live link- up between Cambridge and New Delhi at the new cleantech incubator at the Future Business Centre in Cambridge. The Live Stream can now be viewed online.

To celebrate after the event, speakers and delegates were able to tuck in to an Indian buffet feast.

Highlights of the link-up:

  • The hot topics which are important for India and in which Cambridge based cleantech companies can help supply the solutions are recycling and energy from waste.
  • In his introduction Martin Garratt, CEO of Cambridge Cleantech commented that, “We are delighted to be testing this new event concept of livestreaming speakers from Cambridge and New Delhi to the delegates at venues in both locations.  Following the speakers, who will outline market opportunities in India and examples of cleantech solutions, we will have a lively Q&A between delegates from both countries, live across the airwaves. The event provides a real opportunity to understand the Indian market and consider how to propose potential solutions. Delegates will even enjoy an Indian buffet lunch to celebrate the link-up.”
  • Monish Verma, Environment Sector Specialist, EBTC (the EU funded organisation tasked with enhancing EU-India collaboration in clean technologies) in New Delhi, commented that “a viable collaboration between EU and India can only begin by understanding the real problems in the field and positing a solution based on local needs, that is in effect, by promoting bottom-up project development. This live streaming event is the first step for both EU and India communities to understand each other’s attributes and then develop collaborations.”

The key note speakers in ‘livestream’ order were:

  • Stephen Bates, Director, Environmental Communications: The Human Factor: recycling that transcends international boundaries
  • Rahul Chhabra, CEO, Proton Enviro Best Practices for Waste Management in India from the Field
  • Andrew Shepherd, Partner, The Alexander Partnership: Energy from Waste: the Nova Pangaea Technologies process, targeting waste biomass such as sugar and palm oil which are plentiful in India
  • Sanmit Ahuja, CEO, ETI Dynamics: Investing in Waste Management Projects - what to do, and what not to do

The Live Stream can be viewed in its entirety here:!/Live/Detail/15172
The Indian side of the Live Stream can be found in its entirety here:!/Live/Detail/15207

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