Viewranger shows the way with app indexing

ViewRanger’s worldwide library of recreational trail guides is now App Indexed and, when relevant, Google Search results on Android include deep links to the ViewRanger app.

Google’s launch of app indexing on Android smartphones and tablets has been welcomed by developers at ViewRanger, the mapping, navigation and trail guide app, as an important step towards bringing web search and apps closer together.  

“App indexing is a short-cut way of finding content held within an app environment,” explains Craig Wareham, co-founder of ViewRanger.  “It makes it easier to discover and browse the great walking, cycling and other outdoor recreational trail content within ViewRanger, without first downloading the app.”

ViewRanger’s worldwide library of recreational trail guides has already been indexed and, when relevant, Google Search results on Android include deep links to the ViewRanger app.

ViewRanger’s rich content is contributed by a worldwide community of active users, tourism organisations and publishing brands. Its GPS navigation facilities are used and trusted by everyone from Search and Rescue teams to Sunday strollers.  

App indexing will make it much easier to access content that is currently hidden behind an “app wall”.

Craig continues: “We are delighted to be one of the first European app developers to be included in app indexing.  A single tap from a search will open up our extensive trail guide library.” 

Experience tourism is a growth industry and ViewRanger is content rich with one of the largest selections of recommended routes for walking, cycling, kayaking, riding and more.  Routes contain points of interest, photos and suggestions for accommodation.

Content partners include national parks and tourist boards, travel publishers, leisure and retail brands, who supply both free and paid-for content. The new indexing features of Google will make it easier for a wider audience to search, discover, access and interact with this information. 

The new features are rolling out on Android (through the Google Search app or directly in Chrome and Android browsers) with App listings from Google Play appearing in search when they’re relevant. 

ViewRanger was voted by Google Play one of the Best 10 Apps of 2013 and is one of the select number of apps chosen by Google to prepare for the wider launch of app indexing.

Craig comments:  “Mobile is a dynamic environment and relevant location-based content has a premium. App indexing is one step toward bringing apps and the web together, making it even easier to get the right information, regardless of where it’s located.”

About ViewRanger (; @viewranger)

ViewRanger is the app for adventure – it is how active people worldwide plan, navigate, record and share their outdoor adventures. ViewRanger is also used and trusted by search & rescue teams and other outdoor professionals. 

ViewRanger is a free to download app and is fully functional with global mapping that can be stored offline and thousands of free trail guides are available. Additionally highly detailed topographic mapping, sourced from national mapping agencies and premium publishers, can be purchased in-app for most European countries, and for USA, Canada and New Zealand.  Over 450 official bodies, such as tourist agencies, guidebook publishers, hotels and magazines also use ViewRanger to promote their expert trails for walking, cycling, skiing, horseriding, and more.


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