Johnson Matthey acquires Catacel

Johnson Matthey announces that it has completed the purchase of the business and assets of Catacel Corporation. Catacel, based in Ohio, USA, is an innovative supplier of novel technology centred on the use of metal foil coated catalysts and sorbents to a range of process industries

Its products include high heat transfer catalyst technology for hydrogen and syngas production and fuel processing systems for stationary fuel cells.

Catacel’s SSR® (Stackable Structural Reactor) technology is a novel, patented, catalyst technology for steam methane reforming that can deliver fuel savings or throughput increases in tubular reformers. Johnson Matthey is a leading supplier of catalyst technology to steam reformers in the hydrogen, methanol and ammonia markets. The further development and optimisation of Catacel’s SSR technology will enable Johnson Matthey to offer its customers an enhanced range of market leading catalyst technologies for hydrogen or syngas manufacture.

Catacel also has a strong position in coated catalysts and reactor systems for fuel processing for stationary fuel cells. Johnson Matthey will look to identify technical and commercial synergies within its current businesses to assist and accelerate growth in this market.

The Catacel business will be integrated into Johnson Matthey’s Process Technologies Division and will have access to the wider resources of the Johnson Matthey group, including its global network of research and technology centres with their world-leading development and characterisation facilities. Being part of Johnson Matthey will provide Catacel with the financial stability and scale of operations required to achieve its potential within its target markets.

Commenting on the transaction, Geoff Otterman, Divisional Director of Process Technologies, said “The acquisition of Catacel complements Johnson Matthey’s existing portfolio of world leading catalysts and technologies for the process industry. Catacel has strong and differentiated technology and good prospects for future growth. Its technology is an excellent fit with our business model of creating value through applying our expertise in advanced materials and technology to innovate and improve solutions that are valued by our customers.”

Catacel is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of catalytic steam reforming and heat exchanging technology. Catacel has almost 30 years of experience in the process industries and it uses its know-how to constantly innovate new technologies in fuel reforming, combustion and gas separation. Catacel has developed an impressive reputation for working with its clients to design and to manufacture the best product that meets their specific needs.

Catacel shapes special metal foils into a variety of geometries and then coats the foils with different catalysts designed to enable target reactions within specific process environments. The resulting shaped and coated foils are used within components that enable combustion, catalytic partial oxidation, fuel reforming, tail gas combustion, de-sulphurisation, hydrogen production via steam methane reforming, and carbon capture processes. Such components are commonly used within fuel cells and in hydrogen, syngas and industrial gas applications.

Catacel is based in Ravenna, Ohio and employs 30 people in a variety of technical, commercial and manufacturing roles.


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