e-Luminate Cambridge Festival wins sustainability award

e-Luminate and their technical supplier Hawthorn were thrilled to receive the Sustainable Event Service Provider award last Friday at the 2014 EVCOM Clarion Awards at BMA House in London.



Cambridge is leading the way both scientifically and technologically in sustainable education and creativity. The annual e-Luminate Festival comprises a series of events, illuminations, workshops and projections throughout Cambridge to engage the public in sustainable behaviour.

e-Luminate asked Hawthorn to collaborate with artist Suzie Olczak and Pulsar to create low-carbon, interactive sound- and motion-triggered lighting experiences, with the aim of demonstrating the use of sustainable production materials. The hard work and collaboration resulted in highly impactful street art installations that could be seen from considerable distance in and around Cambridge. The illuminations achieved the required awareness of high efficiency LED lighting and its positive environmental potential

Alessandra Caggiano, director of e-Luminate said:"Collaborating with Hawthorn and installation artist Susie Olczak enabled the festival to demonstrate sustainability in the most creative and engaging ways and the change to Cambridge's urban landscape was astonishing."

“Hawthorn was keen to get involved with this project as it helps raise awareness for sustainable lighting solutions in unique and exciting ways to every part of the community. We provide technical production solutions to the event industry throughout the UK and internationally, so it is fantastic to be involved with such a prestigious project so close to home. This is a message that Hawthorn are currently looking to champion through our brand values moving forward,” stated Rachel Waterfield, Hawthorn Head of Sales & Marketing.


Image: Alessandra Caggiano, e-Luminate and Rachel Waterfield, Hawthorn


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