Ensuring Alfresco implementation success within an Agile organisation: Part I


Creating an Agile organisation, not just a development methodology: John E. Abram at Monetical offers some practical advice.


Compared to other software development projects, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system implementations typically expose organisations to greater risk because they directly manage one of their most valuable assets, their data. With ECM business workflows running through the heart of an organisation, ECM implementations offer unique challenges.

In an attempt to address many of the widely documented risks and challenges, organisations are turning to Agile methodology, rather than staying with traditional plan-based project methodology to manage their implementation. However, as this article discusses, many organisations are failing to recognise that Agile should reach right across the organisation, making the appropriate organisation-wide changes and should not consign Agile solely to software development activities.

John E. Abram at Monetical, offers some practical advice about Agile Led Alfresco Implementations. 

The article looks at the following in depth:

  • Reducing Senior Managements’ Heart Rates Everywhere
  • The Need for an Organisation-wide Agile Change Program Framework
  • Agile Business Change Stages

In part I of this article the Author, John E Abram, makes a call for organisations to see Agile methodology not simply as a engineering event, but to understand the benefits Agile adoption on an ECM implementation brings to the wider organisation. Due to the complexity of most types of business change programs the Author has proceeded to introduce the idea of a Agile Change program framework that consists of three main stages to ensure an effective introduction with minimum risk and creates the opportunity for the entire organisation to benefit.

In part 2 of ‘Creating an Agile Organisation, Not Just a Development Methodology’, the Author will explain in greater detail how to:

  • Clearly set-out the organisationʼs business objectives supported by a business case for i. the ECM investment and the adoption of Agile.
  • Identify most appropriate Agile techniques to adopt on the early-stage ECM implementation (i.e. core Agile methodology factors) before developing a continuous performance improvement cycle.
  • Tailor the organisation’s approach to Agile adoption to ensure an continuous performance improvement cycle as the ECM system matures.

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