PA’s new Raspberry Pi competition: using innovation to improve people's health and wellbeing


PA Consulting's new Raspberry Pi competition is challenging entrants to invent something that will help people live healthier lives.


The scope for innovation is huge and gives entrants the opportunity to work on something they are really passionate about.

You could create anything from a system to streamline a major hospital’s processes and make it more efficient, to an ingenious health and fitness programme tailored to an individual’s needs.

Wearable technology is another area that has the potential to transform healthcare  – whether encouraging healthier behaviour, ensuring better interventions or driving more successful treatment. You could, for example, invent a wearable device that ensures patients take their medication on time.

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Why is PA holding the competition?   

The Raspberry Pi – a low-cost, credit-card-size computer – was launched to stimulate interest in programming. We think it’s an exceptional initiative which aligns with many of our values and strengths as a firm, and we want to encourage people to innovate using the platform.

The competition is open to the following categories:


  • PA’s Primary School Award: academic years 4-6 
  • PA’s Secondary School Award: academic years 7-11 
  • PA’s Sixth Form and College Award: academic years 12-13  


  • PA’s Young Entrepreneur Award: open to all of those enrolled on a full-time university course 

What do entrants get for winning?

  • The winners of each School category will receive £1,000
  • The winner of the University category will receive £1,000 

The closing date to submit your project is 16 February 2015   

Raspberry Pi starter kits worth £75 will be given away to the first 100 entrants.


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