Liquid crystals and new processes transform frequency selective surface performance


The CEOI has released a new article which describes the work carried out by Queens University Belfast in the development of liquid crystals and frequency selective surfaces, which can be used in a wide range of applications, including meterological sounders for global weather forecasting, microwave absorbers to reduce radar signature and enhanced transmission of microwave signals through energy saver glass.


The article is available here.

The CEOI-ST has published a range of articles about the projects funded by the Centre.  Find out more about the technologies and their use in space and terrestrial applications

EO technologies for the future (September 2014) Following the 7th Call for EO projects, the CEOI-ST is funding a portfolio of new projects which focus on specific challenges of increased performance and miniaturisation in Earth Observation instrumentation through a wide range of enabling technologies. Summaries of the projects underway are available here

Future Challenges for EO Instruments in New Remote Sensing Applications  (July 2014) This article reports on a recent industry consultation workshop which examined progress with the miniaturisation of remote sensing instruments, which is converging with the increasing payload capabilities of the rapidly emerging commercial UAV market, enabling a whole new range of applications and services.

Bolometers for wild-fire monitoring (February 2014) This article reviews the use of new bolometer technologies to detect wild-fires.

On-board processing techniques (December 2013) Read this article about a CEOI funded initiative to investigate the feasibility of generating real-time SAR images on-board the spacecraft.

New concepts for remote sensing (November 2013) CEOI is supporting the evaluation of a range of innovative new mission and instrument concepts that could transform our ability to understand what is happening to Planet Earth.

Detecting explosive materials  (May 2013) This article describes use of a CEOI developed technology to provide unambiguous identification and quantification of the highly specific chemicals released by different explosives, with a rapid response time and which is eye-safe, compact, robust and cost effective.



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