CUH Addenbrooke's stands down from major incident status but capacity remains critical


Capacity at Cambridge University Hospitals remains critical, however following the actions it and its partners have taken to improve the flow of patients through the hospital, this afternoon (Friday), the decision was taken to stand down from ‘major incident’ status but to maintain ‘internal critical incident’ status because of the ongoing bed pressure.


Dr Keith McNeil, Chief Executive of CUH, said: "Demand on our services remains extremely high and we continue to contact relatives of patients who are medically fit to go home, with ongoing care needs such as feeding or personal care and asking them, wherever possible, to take their relative home while care packages are put in place, where appropriate. 
"Focus will remain on discharging patients in a timely and safe fashion.

"Given the Trust’s continued critical bed state, it is essential that people do not attend A&E unless they have an emergency or other serious health problem.

"I would like to thank all the many people, both in our hospital and in the community for their extraordinary effort and support during this major incident.

"Our priority is to care safely for our patients and we continue to work very hard with our partners during what is a very challenging period."


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