Schlumberger introduces industry-first fully dissolvable plug-and-perf system

Schlumberger's Infinity system degrades completely, leaving fullbore access without the need for intervention for faster production


Schlumberger announced today the release of the Infinity* dissolvable plug-and-perf system. This unique solution uses fully degradable fracture balls and fully degradable seats instead of plugs to isolate zones during well stimulation.

“Operators are continuously looking to streamline plug-and-perf operations without compromising productivity,” said Olivier Le Peuch, president, Completions, Schlumberger. “With the new Infinity system, the ball and the seat assemblies both fully dissolve on contact with common completion fluids. As a result, the well is left with fullbore access and enables customers to bring production online faster, more efficiently and more cost effectively.”

The first-ever fullbore interventionless plug-and-perf system eliminates the need for milling operations and leaves nothing behind in the wellbore. As a result, no plug debris is produced to surface where it can potentially interfere with surface equipment. The technique eliminates lateral length restrictions, which maximizes reservoir contact and estimated ultimate recovery, and it greatly reduces intervention-related risks and costs.

The Infinity system underwent extensive material science and laboratory validation and has been field tested in multiple unconventional reservoirs across the United States. Numerous wells were stimulated across five of the major plays in North America without any type of mechanical intervention required.

A customer in South Texas deployed the Infinity system in a seven-well project that began with partial wellbores and, after the early successes, moved on to full wellbore completions. The system was deployed under extreme conditions, with temperatures up to 320 degF in laterals up to 8,000 ft. In these wells, more than 135 stages were completed without any stages skipped or any type of mechanical intervention required.

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