Ubisense transfers netSolutions to address market demand for myWorld


Ubisense Group plc, a leader in enterprise location intelligence solutions, today announced it has transferred the netSolutions product line to Cerillion Technologies, a leading provider of billing, charging and customer management systems.


This transfer will enable Ubisense to intensify its focus on the Ubisense myWorld product line, an enterprise location intelligence platformthat provides greater operational visibility and decision support to cable, telecom and utility network operators.

“Businesses today need greater operational insight in order to be more responsive to their customers. Ubisense myWorld gives them these capabilities which has generated tremendous market demand on a global scale,” said Richard Green, CEO, Ubisense. “As a result, we are focused on Ubisense myWorld to best serve the needs of our customers.”

Under terms of the agreement, Ubisense has transferred the rights of the netSolutions suite of products, including netAssign, netCapacity and netWireless to Cerillion which now assumes responsibility for growth of the product line and customer service.


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