eg technology works with Fluidic Analytics

eg technology is working with Fluidic Analytics to develop products that enable better, faster and more accurate protein characterisation that could make a dramatic impact on the way disease is treated and health is maintained.


Fluidic Analytics, a spin-out from the Department of Chemistry at the University of Cambridge, recently attracted £1.56m of investment to enable it to further develop a proprietary technology for characterising proteins. This technology has the potential to identify protein ‘fingerprints’ that pinpoint the onset of disease in real time.

Fluidic Analytics’ first product, the Flow Mk-1, comprises a reader and a disposable chip that can analyse small-volume protein samples in the lab. The underlying technology is complex but Fluidic Analytics has devised a new way of characterising proteins in steady-state laminar flow. They do this using microfluidics to separate proteins, folded proteins and protein-protein complexes in their unaltered physiological state based on their characteristic physical properties. Once separated, it breaks down and fluorescently ‘labels’ the proteins in a manner that allows them to be quantified even at low concentrations.

Fluidic Analytics approached eg technology as it was looking for a partner who could work with it on two of the ‘riskier’ parts of their process: designing the microfluidics to be made in high volume and at low cost and; designing an optical detection system that could be effective (in both quality and cost) to sit in a low-cost instrument.

Dr Andrew Lynn, CEO at Fluidic Analytics said “Our vision is for our products to support a transformation in the way that information about proteins informs decisions made in the lab, at the bedside and in everyday life. As part of this vision we are developing different iterations of each of our products to suit different markets, and we are delighted to have secured this initial investment to enable us to bring our first product to the lab market in 2016. We are extremely grateful to eg technology for their support in ensuring that the Flow Mk-1 is a commercial success.”

Danny Godfrey, co-Founder and Director at eg technology said “The Flow Mk-1 will undoubtedly become a ‘must-have’ piece of kit for every developmental chemistry lab. By involving eg technology in the whole system design, Fluidic Analytics has been able to think through the entire process and optimise the overall performance from both a functionality and cost perspective. It is very exciting to think of the impact this technology could have when it comes to diagnosing and managing illnesses.”

About Fluidic Analytics

Fluidic Analytics designs, develops and manufactures innovative tools for the fast, convenient and accurate characterisation of proteins in laboratory, medical and consumer applications. The company is based in Cambridge, UK.

About eg technology ltd

eg technology is an innovative and creative product design and engineering company based in Cambridge, UK.  eg technology provides a professional engineering design service working closely with our customers to take a project from concept through to transfer to manufacture. 


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