eg technology Ltd mentors SimPrints

eg technology is mentoring SimPrints, winner of Start-up of the Year at the 2015 Business Weekly Awards.


Cambridge students Daniel Storisteanu, Alexandra Grigore and Toby Norman have developed fingerprint scanners that connect wirelessly to any Bluetooth 2.0 compatible phone and have customised this unique biometric system for the developing world.

This pocket-sized fingerprint scanner will link the individual’s fingerprint to their health records, thus enabling healthcare recording for individuals who often have no other formal identification. This technology will also be effective in areas where connectivity is poor as the system can access and modify offline health records that have been previously downloaded and are stored in a local database in a phone. These updates can then be synchronised with a central database once internet connectivity is available. This will improve the accuracy of database searches and enable managers to use this data to monitor and support the provision of care in developing countries.

eg technology is mentoring the SimPrints team through the prototyping process to volume manufacture. Lucy Malby, Business Development Manager will be working alongside them to help them to plan, source and produce prototypes and review and choose manufacturing solutions.

SimPrints is backed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and ARM.


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