Rapid Biosensor moves into pneumonia diagnostic testing at Point-of-Care


Rapid Biosensor Systems Ltd (Babraham Research Campus, Cambridge) is developing a rapid test for bacterial pneumonia by adapting its successful TB Breathalyser product, which has been endorsed by Medics in India and Ethiopia after field trials on nearly 1,000 people.


The TB Test takes less than four minutes to provide a positive or negative TB result. Assessment of the trial data gathered from several sites has been carried out by Dr Mrs Madhulika Mistry MD, Professor of Pathology and Bacteriology, and also by Dr Arun Mistry MBBS DTCD, Senior Chest Physician based in India. Both confirm that the sensitivity and specificity to be >95% for early stage and actively infectious TB.

 “This is disruptive technology and it is likely to revolutionise the detection and ultimately earlier treatment of TB. It will save countless lives”  - Dr Arun Mistry.

“The addressable market for rapid screening and diagnosis of infectious diseases is in the $billions.  Having proven the accuracy of our TB Breathalyser, we are in a strong position to develop new rapid tests for pneumonia and other conditions.  Animal healthcare is also important to us and specifically the market need for a rapid test to detect Bovine TB.” - Dennis Camilleri CEO.



Dennis Camilleri – CEO


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