SME competitiveness: CEO Growth Challenge kicks off

The CEO Growth Challenge, an innovative programme that aims to enhance the competitiveness of 16 high-potential companies in the East of England, kicked off this week in Cambridge with the first of three workshops. The programme is organised by Cambridge Judge Business School in partnership with bank Santander.


Daniel Cross, Managing Director of G’s Fresh Salads, led the workshop entitled “Working With Larger Companies: a Growth Strategy for SMEs.” To an audience of over 40 attendees, Daniel gave his insights on how a traditional family-run agricultural business has dealt with innovation in the 21st century. Underlining the importance of trust and building partnerships, Daniel also talked about the challenges of taking the Ely-based company international.

The second workshop will be held in London at the Oxford and Cambridge Club on 5 June. Maxime Holder, the CEO of bakery and restaurant company PAUL, will lead a workshop entitled: “Taking a SME international: a growth strategy for SMEs.” He’ll share his experiences of taking a family bakery business abroad and turning it into a global brand.

Dr Khaled Soufani from Cambridge Judge will lead the final workshop – “The Challenges to SME growth” – which takes place on 8 June at the Breakthrough Moments Box in Cambridge. He’ll argue that the role of SMEs in achieving economic growth, creating jobs and generating innovative ideas is essential to overall economic prosperity following the impact of the 2007 global economic crisis.

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