‘Why grow profits by 50% when you can double them with disruptive talent?’ asks OE Cam

The financial potential of harnessing ‘disruptive talent’ within a business was revealed at a breakfast seminar at London’s Shard this week.


Hosted by business psychology consultants Organisational Effectiveness Cambridge (OE Cam), the seminar drew on the real world experience of one of their clients to demonstrate the significant business growth that can be achieved through disruptive talent programmes.

‘Disruptive talent’ is a new proposition developed by OE Cam and is a term used to describe individuals who are brilliant but ‘challenging’.  In the past they may have been side-lined due to their unusual approach or inability to function within a team, but now they are being recognised for their potential to revolutionise the firms in which they work.

The issue is attracting the attention of many big firms looking for new ways to deliver substantial business growth through radical innovation.  Amazon, Arcadia, BBC, Diageo, eBay, Marks and Spencer, Mars, TalkTalk and Virgin Atlantic have all expressed an interest in the topic.

While the financial benefits delivered through disruptive talent programmes are commercially sensitive, the seminar outlined how OE Cam has worked with businesses to harness their disruptive talent.  One example came in the form of a FTSE top 30 company for whom OE Cam created a New Ventures team with the specific objective of developing a number of innovative new business opportunities, each with significant financial potential.   The presentation demonstrated how this forward-thinking approach to disruptive talent has revolutionised the business’ pace of change.

Chartered Psychologist, MBA and OE Cam’s Managing Partner Martyn Sakol comments: “Established firms are under constant threat from fast moving entrepreneurs who aren’t afraid to rock the boat.  Their innovations break the mould and change the way in which we live, and their founders – often delivering huge financial returns.

“OE Cam has worked with well-established companies to create programmes with a focus on delivering growth through innovation.  This involves identifying ‘disruptive talent’ – those exceptional but challenging individuals within the business – drawing them into dedicated teams, and providing them with the right support needed to unlock their capabilities and deliver remarkable opportunities.”  

Senior level support is key to the success of these schemes says Sakol: “In accepting the fact that not all of the ideas were going to come out of the board, and by setting more radical success criteria by which projects could fail or succeed but do so quickly, companies can experience unprecedented growth.  What is more, the willingness of such schemes to support world-class talents is attracting candidates of the very highest calibre to these businesses.”

Other programmes run by OE Cam have delivered significant new revenue streams to a food business, transformed an underperforming international finance firm and enabled a FTSE 100 retailer to overcome creative difficulties in its team to great effect.

Sakol concludes: “Most large businesses have their share of disruptive talent.  Whether they are obsessed with detail, fiercely tenacious, or a world-standard intellect, they are unlikely to sit easily within a traditional corporate structure.  And yet their potential value to the organisation is enormous.  We are finding that, with the support of senior management, it is possible to harness these individuals and to create game-changing teams within even the most traditional organisation, and that is the way that the blue chip firms of today will compete with the entrepreneurs whose inventions are even now in development.”

For further information about OE Cam and Disruptive Talent please visit: www.oecam.com/disruptivetalent


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