PA Consulting evaluates business models for network sharing at major London event


Chris Buist, Head of Communications, Media & Entertainment at PA Consulting Group, will talk on 'Network investment opportunities: evaluating the business models available for network sharing' at IIR's Managed Services & Network Sharing event in London later this month.

His talk on Day One, Tuesday 20 April 2010 (14.50 hrs) of the event will consider:

- the pros and cons of creating a separate network company accountable to each mobile operator involved
- the costs and benefits of opening shared network investment to third parties
- whether to sell network infrastructure to secure a cash injection
- business models for sharing with more than two partners.

For more information about the talk contact:
Chris Buist DL +44 (0207 881 3446

Beverley Adams (Marketing) DL +44 (0)1763 285260

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