High speed internet connection comes to Granta Park


Granta Park has been enabled for high speed internet access by information and communications technology (ICT) support services company Bridge Partners.

The new connection allows companies of all sizes on the science park to take advantage of a higher quality connection at a much lower cost.

Lines from 1 Mps up to 1Gbps (Gigabit) and beyond can be supplied to companies from the one connection. New companies to the park, including those taking advantage of the Granta Park Greenlite approach (the scheme for companies wanting flexible leasing on a quick turnaround) will also be up and running with internet connections within days of arriving rather than having to wait weeks or months.

Explains Andrew Glover of Bridge Partners: "For smaller companies the connection offers a much better quality of line and standard of service than they would normally expect to have with a broadband service
and for larger companies it brings the price right down.”

The connection can also bring a reliability that parks situated in rural settings often have to forgo: "While parks in rural settings benefit from beautiful locations they also often have the double whammy of poor quality and expensive connections because of their distance from the phone exchange."

For larger companies the connection also allows them to connect with other offices at different sites. "It's all about offering new ways of working," explains Andrew Glover. "For One Nucleus (formerly ERBI), a new tenant at Granta Park, for example, we are able to host their servers and provide private connections to their data centre, services that are not available with a normal internet service."

Adds Roz Bird, Marketing and Asset Manager at Granta Park. "With plenty of high quality office and lab facilities available these days occupiers are quite rightly demanding more from science parks. Our aim is always to be responsive to changing needs of occupiers and potential occupiers. Quality and value for money internet connections are fundamental to companies doing business so we are delighted to meet both these requirements with the help of Bridge Partners."

Managed and operated by MEPC, Granta Park is located south of Cambridge in the heart of the Cambridge Science Cluster. Companies on the science park include MedImmune, Pfizer, PPD and TWI. Companies on the estate benefit from a sports and social programme, cafe, restaurant, nursery, fitness suite, commuter bus and 24 hour security. Suites from 765 sq up to 28,000 sq ft are available along with design and build options.


For further  details visit www.grantapark.com.uk or contact Will Mooney at Jeffersons Commercial on 01223 315716 wkm@j-commercial.co.uk or Nick Short or Ben Cullen at Cushman and Wakefield on 0207 935 5000.


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BioMed Realty has been part of Cambridge's world-class life science community since the acquisition of Granta Park in 2012. Granta Park is a 477,230 square foot business estate in one of the most reconised areas for science success globally and is home to leading companies, including Sosei Heptares, Astrazeneca, Illumina, PPD Global, and One Nucleus.

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