What do American Airlines, Farmville, and Wikipedia have in common?


Hampton Catlin, the creator of Haml, Sass, a co-author of "Beginning Rails", president of Catlin Software and Lead Mobile Developer for Wikimedia is taking part in the two day Nordic Ruby conference held in Gothenburg, Sweden, this May.

Nordic Ruby is a two day, single track Ruby conference being held in Gothenburg, Sweden on the 22nd and 23rd of May 2010.

The conference will feature talented speakers alongside Hampton including: Aslak Hellesoy, the Chief Scientist of BEKK Consulting in Oslo, Norway; Dr Nic Williams who runs premier Rails consultancy Mocra in Australia; and Ian McFarland is a principal and VP of Technology at Pivotal Labs, a leading agile development shop with offices in San Francisco, New York, Boulder, and Singapore.

Hampton is giving his insight into using 'human gameplay' techniques to foster passion in users.

"What do American Airlines, Farmville, and Wikipedia have in common?" he asks.

"They all use several different game play mechanics to encourage addictive behaviours in their users and customers. Being a developer is much more than writing nice code... its about building an experience for your users. And, part of that is using gameplay to make sure your users have a great time and come back again."

Catlin continues,"Even if you never thought of what your building as being a game, I'll help show you that it gameplay is part of every life experience and is coded into our DNA. To crack the code of what works and what doesn't, we need to look towards evolutionary behaviouralism as a guide. Over millions of years we have been trained to follow certain basic social behaviours and if you understand those behaviours, you can use them to give your users a very positive experience."

Some of the talk will be scientific, but a lot of it will highlight real usable techniques to get the desired effects. Hampton hopes to guide everyone through a lot of examples and analysis of companies where they went right ... and where they went wrong.

Registration to the conference is available online at: http://nordicruby.org/register


About Hampton Catlin
Hampton Catlin is the creator of Haml, Sass, a co-author of "Beginning Rails", president of Catlin Software, and Lead Mobile Developer for Wikimedia. Yes, he is very busy.

Hampton founded Catlin Software in 2009 and has produced several top-selling iPhone and Palm Pre applications. Hampton also works with Wikimedia as their Lead Mobile Developer, overseeing their mobile platform that serves over 14 million pages a day to phones in over 100 countries. Hampton has lived in Jacksonville, FL, Toronto, Canada, New York City over the past 4 of years. He has now hopped across the Atlantic and is based out of Cambridge, UK.




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