New Ubisense Tag Module puts precise ultra-wide band (UWB) tracking at the heart of third-...


Ubisense, the global leader in precise Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS), reveals the new Ubisense Tag Module. Designed for direct integration into third-party devices, the Ubisense Tag Module is the first ultra-wide band (UWB) location tracking device certified in the US, Canada and the EU.

The new Ubisense Tag Module is an advanced version of the standard Ubisense location-tracking tag, which is used for tracking people and assets and managing critical production processes by organisations such as BMW, Airbus, Aston Martin and the US Army. It transmits UWB radio signals that allow the Ubisense location system to find its position in real-time to within 15cm in 3D, dependent on system configuration and environment.

The Ubisense Tag Module measures only 24.5mm x 24.5mm x 9.1mm, and its design allows it to be integrated into and receive power from a host device, letting third-parties ‘location-enable’ their products with ease. It has received Modular Certification in the US, Canada and EU, so integrators do not need to perform expensive and time-consuming UWB emissions testing on their final products. Furthermore, its data port allows the host device to transfer information bi-directionally to and from other systems via the Tag Module’s wireless link.

“We are delighted to announce immediate availability of the Ubisense Tag Module,” says Andy Ward, Chief Technology Officer at Ubisense. “We’re very excited about the new opportunities that this component will offer our customers, who can now include precision location tracking capability directly into their products. And since integrators can send simple telemetry to and from their products via the Tag Module’s wireless link, they don’t need to include a separate radio module in their system for that purpose.”

Ubisense has also introduced a Module Development Research Kit, to support integrators who are considering location-enabling their products. The package includes Tag Modules, sensors, software and documentation – everything necessary to allow experimentation with the Ubisense Tag Module.

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About Ubisense

Ubisense is the world leader in Precise Real-Time Location Systems and Consulting Services, tracking people and assets with unmatched accuracy, and giving enterprises the power to bring visibility and control to previously intractable business processes. With over 400 customers Worldwide, Ubisense is revolutionizing industries today. For more information please visit



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