Ubisense based, Atlas Copco Tool Location System launched to manufacturers worldwide


Ubisense, the world Leader in Precise Real-Time Location Systems and Atlas Copco, the world’s leading industrial tool manufacturer, announce take-up of the new Tool Location System by major manufacturers worldwide.

Atlas Copco launched the Tool Location System (TLS) based on a Ubisense solution at Motek Fair in Stuttgart in September this year, and have already installed the product with leading manufacturing companies, such as General Motors, BMW, Aston Martin, Daimler, Caterpillar and Honda. The new product has been designed to assist customers using Atlas Copco tools to ensure that the right fixing is being tightened to the correct tension for a particular product.

TLS operates like an indoor GPS facility, using Ubisense Sensors rather than satellites to monitor the position of miniature transmitters attached to tools and products. TLS can deliver 3D tool and production location information, to an accuracy of better than 50cm. The system is based on UWB radio which is an extremely resistant technology able to deliver high-accuracy, even within a cluttered and metallic environment.

On static vehicle assembly lines, virtual work areas are created and tools are linked to them. This ensures that only the correct tool operates in a particular work area. On moving assembly lines, virtual product areas are created that can move with the product being assembled. Tools can be linked to them, and, again, only the right tools will work in the correct product area.

TLS quickly and effectively reduces the need for manual identification thus reducing errors that result in rework being required. TLS also speeds up production by increasing individual operator throughput. Ubisense systems are currently in operation in many of the world’s leading manufacturing plants assisting those organisations to improve accuracy, reduce errors and make significant savings.

“We are delighted to be working with Atlas Copco on introducing this new and exciting product, to their customers” said Terry Phebey, Ubisense VP Sales and Marketing, “TLS will allow them to error-proof the production process, providing significant productivity gains.”



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