Translational Medicine: Getting back to basics


The collaboration between 4D Biomedical and PA Consulting has produced a new publication - 'Translational Medicine: Getting back to basics'.

Translational Medicine: Getting back to basics
Earlier this year PA Consulting Group, the leading international technology, management and systems consultancy, entered into a strategic agreement with 4D-Biomedical Ltd, the Cambridge-based specialist Translational Medicine consultancy, to support the establishment of new collaborations between NHS Trusts, leading biomedical research Universities and industry partners to accelerate medical advances, both clinical and value-based.

By combining PA’s global strengths in healthcare technology and large scale process and systems development with 4D-Biomedical’s specialist expertise and track record in setting up ground-breaking experimental medicine initiatives, the collaboration will help realise the UK’s potential in this area.

Following the joint 4D/PA translational medicine foresighting dinner held earlier in the year, the 4D/PA collaboration has produced a progress report entitled 'Translational Medicine: Getting back to basics'. The report includes an overview of the work the 4D/PA collaboration has been conducting in the sector and thoughts on the opportunities and challenges facing translational medicine initiatives.

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