PA Consulting talk on auto injectors for children


Rosie Burnell, expert in Healthcare Technology at PA Consulting Group’s Cambridge Technology Centre, will talk on Auto injectors for children: the benefits, challenges and possibilities, at Management Forum's Injectable Drug Delivery event in London on Thurs 24 March 2011 (Day One, 17.10 hrs).

Her talk will consider how:
- the majority of auto-injector design is for adults
- 'off label' prescribing has been routine in paediatric practice
- recent legislation in the EU and USA mandates paediatric studies where there is potential for use in the paediatric population
- we can better meet the needs of children with a delivery device, introducing new product concepts and 'child appeal'.

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Rosie Burnell DL +44 (0)1763 267321  
Daniel Toon Dl (0)1763 267117  
Bev Adams (Marketing) +44 (0)1763 285260  

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