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PA Consulting Group's medical device development team will be exhibiting at the RDD Europe 2011 event in Berlin, Germany, 3-6 May 2011, with a focus on 'The future of drug delivery product development: closing the loop between treatment and patient response'.

Respiratory Drug Delivery (RDD) Europe 2011, Berlin, 3-6 May

Sarah Wren, and other PA experts in healthcare technology, will be on hand throughout the event to discuss strategy scenarios for those dealing with drug-device combination product development, including such issues as:

- how future device development will be impacted by the far reaching reforms fundamentally changing the relationships between key players across the world of healthcare

- the key drivers for the future, such as using information to create more personalised care and standardisation at the same time; thereby increasing access, driving up quality and reducing the cost of overall care

and PA will be showing concepts for future inhalation products. For a preview video please visit:

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RDD Europe 2011, 3-6 May, Dorint Hotel, Berlin, Germany

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Sarah Wren DL +44 (0)1763 289424  
Bev Adams (Marketing) DL 01763 285260  


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