SBRI scheme is a no-brainer for brainy ideas


The Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) can provide 100% funding to take your bright idea forward, while allowing you to keep your Intellectual Property and the right to commercialise it. Sounds too good to be true...?

Well, there is one restriction: your idea has to be for a solution to one of a series of specific challenges that are faced by public sector bodies that use this scheme. These challenges are published on the website of the Technology Strategy Board, and it's an ever-changing picture so if you keep an eye on the site you may just find that one comes along that is a perfect match for your creativity and inventiveness. You don't have to be a large company to respond. In fact, the scheme is designed specifically for early-stage and small businesses.

There are some very interesting ones open for expressions of interest right now, including:

Armour and Protection; Counter-terrorism; Trustworthy Digital Systems
The MoD is looking for ideas in a number of areas, including innovative physical and active protection systems that can counter IEDs, mines, top attack weapons and small arms; innovative approaches to counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency; and innovative software developments in digital systems and ICT that enable the trustworthy sharing of data.

Technologies with potential benefit in the Removal, Reduction and Refinement of animals in research
The National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animals in Research is looking for ideas for new products and methodologies for the global biosciences research community. Initial areas of focus are:
• Prediction of cytokine release by biologic drugs in man using in vitro methods
• Predicting organ toxicity of drugs using cell culture methods
• Animal behavioural testing in naturalistic environments using telemetric methods
• Extrapolation from in vitro to in vivo

Delivering Assisted Living Lifestyles At Scale (DALLAS)
If you have an idea for an innovative technology or service that can help people to live independently for longer with a better quality of life, then this competition sponsored by the National Institute for Health Research can provide you with a platform to roll it out in a community of 10,000 people.

Cambridge Innovation Solutions can provide more information and support with applications, and if you're based in the East of England we may even be able to do that free of charge under the terms of the East of England Understanding Finance for Business programme. Contact us for details.


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