McLaren Applied Technologies and Ubisense deliver proven sports performance monitoring


Ubisense, the world leader in precise Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS), and McLaren Applied Technologies today announce the availability of a high performance sports coaching solution that can track the movement and position of individual athletes or teams practising on indoor and outdoor courts, pitches and at training grounds.

The system, integrated with Ubisense’s RTLS technology, is designed to help professional coaches review and refine the performance of players at the top of their game in sports including tennis, football and netball.

McLaren Applied Technologies uses real-time data and insight platforms derived from Formula One motor racing to facilitate breakthrough performance improvements in the physiological and equipment aspects of elite sport. Its platforms already deliver benefits for a wide range of high profile sporting bodies and McLaren Applied Technologies is excited about the opportunity to take similar solutions into the industry.

The McLaren Applied Technologies solution developed tracks the position of athletes in real-time and delivers precise location information to a performance analysis dashboard. Working indoor and outdoors the technology frees up coaches to focus on performance improvement. Using the solution they can dynamically observe dwell time, player velocity and coverage across courts and pitches. Coaches can also conduct detailed post play analysis using aggregate movement data and iso-movement analysis for each individual player so feedback can be given, assisting continuous game improvement.

The McLaren Applied Technologies solution is built on the world’s number one precise RTLS system from Ubisense. Using a network of tags and sensors this allows the dynamic position of athletes to be observed multiple times per second, to within 15cm of their true location – something that was unachievable with other location systems. The technique has already been deployed in netball, tennis, football, ice hockey and horse riding and is proving to be a very valuable performance management tool in a range of different environments.

Richard Green, CEO of Ubisense, said: “Next year is obviously incredibly important from a sporting perspective. Over the next twelve months elite athletes around the world will be doing everything they can to optimise their performance. The system we have developed with McLaren Applied Technologies enables sportsmen and women, and their coaches, to scrutinise individual performance and team dynamics to an unprecedented degree so training programmes can be adjusted for success. Our technology already makes an enormous difference in manufacturing, giving world-leading brands visibility of key business processes. It’s fantastic to join up with McLaren and take this technology into a brand new arena.”

About McLaren Applied Technologies
McLaren Applied Technologies was formed in 2004 and is the latest company in the McLaren Group. The objective of the company is to realise breakthroughs in performance through the application of McLaren technology and design. McLaren Applied Technologies delivers solutions for sport, health and wellness and operational excellence. McLaren Applied Technologies is involved in a not for profit partnership with UK Sport, English Institute for Sport, sportscotland Institute of Sport and key GB medal winning sports, to supply Formula 1-style technology to British coaches and athletes in their quest for medals at major championships. For more information please visit

About Ubisense
Ubisense, the market leader of location solutions, delivers mission-critical enterprise asset tracking and geospatial systems. The company’s location technology provides more than 500 customers worldwide with unprecedented visibility of, and control over, previously intractable business processes. Ubisense is headquartered in Cambridge, UK, with offices in the USA; Canada; France; Germany; Singapore; and Korea. For more information visit:

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