Bonus offer from Strem Chemicals UK


Bonus offer for Takasago International Corporation’s New Catalyst (R,R)-Ts-DENEBTM

This catalyst is used for asymmetric -transfer hydrogenation, asymmetric H2 – hydrogenation and dynamic kinetic resolution. More technical details are available on the web site.

44-0185 (R,R)-Ts-DENEBTM

While supplies last, with any purchase of a Takasago product available from Strem Chemicals, receive a 100mg sample of (R,R)-Ts-DENEBTM (Strem catalog 44-0185) at no additional charge.

Supplies are limited. This Bonus Offer is limited to one bonus per customer order. Please add 100mg of 44-0185 at the time your order is placed.

All products provided by Strem Chemicals, Inc. are subject to our Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Please contact Strem or your local representative to place your order.


Phone Matthew Heyes, our Customer Liason on 0845 643 7263 for a catalogue or information

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