Qdell & LHR Express Cars investment in Cordic technology wins recognition


Qdell & LHR Express Cars have been awarded "Best Small Private Sector Fleet" and the "Smarter Driving Award" at the 2011 Energy Saving Trust's Fleet Hero Awards.


The Judges praised Qdell & LHR Express Cars for hitting the key criteria in both award categories. “They showed good emissions reductions, exhibited a methodical approach that took a holistic view of the whole issue of fleet emissions, going beyond the use of fleet and to energy use in the office.”

They also commented on the proactive approach Qdell & LHR Express Cars have shown in reducing emissions: “The company is active on a wide range of fronts in terms of the Smarter Driving agenda. The company’s driver training programme is impressive, as is their approach to communications. Driver satisfaction also appears to be high. Qdell/LHR show an exceptional attitude within their industry.”

Julie Fitzell, Head of Environmental Standards at Qdell & LHR Express Cars commented on how the emission reductions are achieved:“Technology plays a vital part in helping us to achieve our reduced emission targets. We invested in Cordic software to automatically allocate bookings. The system allows us to specify criteria, which gives greater control over job allocation.”

“Using Cordic, not only do we send the right vehicle to each job, but it’s also the nearest or closest-vehicle to the job. This reduces the dead mileage for each booking. The system also provides valuable CO2 data; we can report on each journey’s emissions and can also report on the emissions due to wasted or dead mileage.”

Qdell & LHR Express operate a wide range of vehicles; standard saloon, estate, executive and multi-seaters. The fleet is comprised of a mix of petrol, diesel, electric, hybrid and LPG vehicles which allow Qdell & LHR Express Cars to offer a variety of services and match the vehicle to the needs of the customer. “Hybrids are great for work in and around London but not very practical for travel from the airport when you have a family with cases to take home.

"So it was also important to allocate the right size vehicle which was most efficient for the booking,” Julie added, “using the Cordic system we have been able to effectively allocate the most appropriate vehicle based on the customer’s requirements, this in turn helps improve the quality of our service and helps us to provide a more environmentally friendly offering to clients”.

Qdell & LHR Express provide emissions data to their corporate customers and are proactive in assisting them in their CO2 reduction targets “we were asked by many of our corporate customers to assist them with their CO2 reduction targets and offer a car sharing policy. We monitor the bookings for individual companies and arrange car sharing for their employees assisting them with choosing the right mode of travel for each booking all at no additional cost”.

In 2007 Qdell & LHR Express Cars brought in a policy to run their diesel vehicles on biofuel made from 100% recycled cooking oil, refined to less than 1 micron. Julie comments “we purchase bulk quantities of biofuel which is stored on our premises; we supply this to our drivers at a subsidised rate and in return we can monitor the quality of the fuel and quantity taken by each driver.”

Grey fleet issues were the next challenge “the majority of our staff lived locally and either walked, cycled or shared cars to the office. We only had a few members of staff who used their vehicles to travel a distance to the office or needed to travel for business so the solution was quite easy. We set up home working facilities for two employees who lived in Portsmouth and Northampton. This helped reduce our carbon footprint by saving over 160 miles each day for the Northampton based employee. Two others lived in Guildford and we gave them a free biofuel allowance to travel to the office together. This worked extremely well. Any other business travel would be undertaken by train when applicable.”

The Energy Saving Trust is a non-profit organisation that provides free, impartial advice on how to save energy. To find out more visit www.energysavingtrust.org.uk



About Qdell & LHR Express Cars
Established in 1987 in West Drayton, initially designed to service Heathrow Airport, we are now one of the biggest private hire and courier companies in the area. We operate a fleet of more than 150 vehicles, providing nationwide cover, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We provide vehicles for both Corporate and Private Customers.

We achieved ISO 9002 accreditation in 1996 and are licensed by the Public Carriage Office for Private Hire. The Public Carriage Office state: "The purpose of regulation is to improve the safety of personal transport users in London. Regulation will also help to give Londoners confidence, when they use a Licensed PHV Operator, that they are dealing with an honest, professional organisation with reliable drivers and safe vehicles."

About Cordic
Formed in 2002, Cordic Ltd develops and markets state-of-the-art fleet management solutions including mobile data despatch systems targeted at the Taxi, Private Hire and Courier Service sectors. Cordic’s core products operate over public GPRS (General Pack Radio Services) networks and incorporate leading edge wireless and interactive voice response (IVR) technologies to provide reliability, flexibility and scalability while providing the most cost effective solution and best user experience. Having introduced the world’s first GPRS based mobile data despatch system, Cordic is the largest, most proven provider of GPRS based taxi despatch systems in the world today. Cordic has teamed up with wireless operators, hardware manufacturers and software vendors and has strategic alliances with Vodafone, O2, Orange, T-Mobile, BT and HP. For more information, visit www.cordic.com.


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Qdell & LHR Express Cars contact:
Julie Fitzell
Head of Environmental Standards
Qdell & LHR Express Cars
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