New opportunities to receive grant funding for innovation


The Technology Strategy Board has announced another round of grant funding for feasibility projects in a wide range of technology areas, to add to the considerable range of grant funding options for small and micro-sized companies that it already offers.

Under the heading "Technology-Inspired Innovation", the TSB is inviting proposals for feasibility studies in the fields of advanced materials and nanoscale technologies; biosciences; electronics, photonics and electrical systems; and information and communications technology. This opportunity is open to small and micro-sized companies only, working either singly or in collaboration with one partner. The funding level is 75%, projects can last up to four months and are eligible for grants of up to £25,000. Total project costs must not exceed £33,000.

This particular call for proposals will open on 12th March, has a closing date for registrations of 4th April and a deadline for receipt of applications of 11th April. This may seem like a comfortable length of time but prospective applicants would be wise to start the process of preparing their proposals sooner rather than later.

Through the recently re-named Smart scheme (which in an earlier incarnation was called Smart Awards but then became Grant for R&D), the TSB is also looking for high-quality proposals from individual companies for projects to investigate the market, demonstrate the principle or develop a prototype of a new product, process, system or service based on new science or technology in any area.

In addition, funding opportunities for collaborative R&D projects exist in fields as varied as advanced manufacturing; low carbon vehicles; marine energy; sustainable manufacturing for the process industry; technologies for aerospace; and digital licensing.

Anyone who would like to explore the opportunities for obtaining grant funding for their projects is welcome to contact Alex Smeets at Cambridge Funding Solutions (

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