Attack & Penetration


By David Halstead and John Hall of Deloitte

Opening up your company to the digital economy means reaching new markets and connecting your business to customers and partners more effectively than ever, while empowering your employees to take greater responsibility.

However, this is loaded with risks - including the loss of intellectual property, unauthorised access to data, breaches in confidentiality, service problems and virus attacks that could paralyse your entire business.

Any company that ignores these risks faces the possibility of lost customers, compromised business relationships, damage to company reputation and brand, and even the threat of litigation. With increasing demands to utilise advanced technologies, you therefore need an independent, reliable security partner to identify, assess and manage risks and provide you with a complete picture of your security.

Hackers, disgruntled employees and malicious code represent major threats to the security of any business. Potential hackers can be unskilled 'script kiddies' who attack anything they can, using tools downloaded from the Internet, or people who plan their attack against a specific target very carefully.

The business benefits of an Attack & Penetration Test

Increased security awareness

Any weaknesses can be minimised, ensuring that critical business information assets are adequately protected with clearly defined and agreed responsibilities. Tests of your incident response, escalation and management procedures will also highlight any flaws and enable you to improve the processes.

Better protection

By reducing the risks, your data will be better protected, its accuracy assured and it will be available when needed. Improved procedures will minimise overall security risks and reduce potentially significant losses and damage - providing peace of mind within your organisation and to your customers and business partners.

Stay secure

Testing is a continuous process, so a schedule of regular testing will ensure you keep pace with technology changes and your business stays secure.

Regular Attack & Penetration testing enables your company to locate information security weaknesses before they are exploited - thus ensuring your valuable assets will stay secure.

deloitte logoDavid Halstead is a Partner at Deloitte in Cambridge. For more detailed information, please contact David or John Hall

22 June 2004

This article first appeared in Tangent, a fortnightly column offering business advice and comment


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