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The average person loses up to six weeks every year searching for misplaced information at work.

With the ever-increasing amount of files that each organisation must manage and share, the painful lesson learnt is multiple versions of the same document floating around and for employees to be working with outdated files.

Livelink is a collaboration and content management tool provided by Open Text Corporation that addresses these specific business challenges. Livelink is a platform independent, web-based application, offering document and content management, business process automation, information retrieval, and virtual team collaboration.

Cambridge-based software training and support firm Roem Limited recently won a contract with National Air Traffic Services to design and implement a Livelink training scheme for their national work force. Training Consultant Karen Roem, founder of Roem Limited, developed a series of short four to five minute computer-based animated tutorials, walking the learner through the basics of Livelink. She also developed and is currently running face-to-face training sessions for their 130 staff in Southampton.

'People tend to think of me as a Microsoft Office specialist only. But since 2001 I have provided Livelink training solutions for clients such as Shell International, Lloyd's Register and more recently National Air Traffic Services.' said Karen.

Roem Limited, an independent entity from Open Text Corporation, provides tailored, on-site Livelink training solutions, assisting organisations nationwide with documentation and training development as well as conducting hands on and hands off training classes and presentations. Training has been delivered in 12 countries across five continents.


For more information, visit http://www.roem.co.uk/livelink.html, ring Karen on 01223 214177 or email [email;karen@roem.co.uk;karen@roem.co.uk.

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